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Altered Exposure Image Design This site serves as a the resting of the work of Chicago based Photographer and Graphic Designer,  Jesse "Savage" Mount.

A Photographer first and a Graphic Designer second. Jesse was not one of the fortunate kind. One that knew what he wanted to be when they were growing up. Most photographers you will meet seem to have had a camera in their hands since they left the womb. Jesse never even liked taking snapshots in his younger years. He never even owned a camera until his mid 20s when he started doing all the visual aids work exclusively for the band, THROUGH TERROR in the small metropolitan town of Moline, IL.

Jesse is an improvisational, visual, creative, and problem solving conceptual styled photographer. Combining the elements of design and photography to create images with dramatic impact. To Jesse, a photograph should be something more than what the human eye generally sees or that the mind can even perceive from something that is in motion. He love to reveal the things that most do not see or simply over look. Exposing details, freezing a moment in time, or simply using dramatic lighting in order to show you something in a new perspective. Art and Science have always held Jesse's interest. To him, photography is a mere combination of the two. It starts with an artistic vision, and then it is the vision that is pulled together with scientific technology and techniques. The medium is a perfect one for Jesse and he will continue to pursue perfecting it in order to manipulate it for his vision.

Go ahead and take a look around. If you need to get in touch with Jesse for any reason, give the Contact page a visit.

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